meet the founder

Kenneth Burnett

It took Kenny 20 years to find the motivation to get off the couch and into the gym.  But it only took 20 weeks for his amazing transformation to change the trajectory of his life.  Master Fit Club (MFC) was born out of a desire to share his new found passion for fitness with others who have struggled with their health and wellness.

His story is not unlike millions of other people.  For years, he lacked motivation, direction and confidence.   Until he got over his self-doubt,  he would make no progress.  MFC members will benefit from his struggle and get on a road to success without have to endure all of the pitfalls he did.

Kenny believes that employing a collaborate approach with members and other fitness enthusiasts is far better than traveling this road alone.  That’s why his motto is “Fitness loves company!"  If you have a good spirit and a genuine desire for fitness, there will always be room for you at The Club.

Kenny running at the St. Jude Memphis Marathon


MFC started off as a small cohort based initiative where members learned strategies to help overcome the inertia of complacency and/or apathy when it comes to fitness.  We’d have sessions where members would share their stories about their journey.  We would also have guest speakers and attend training sessions with professionals in the fitness arena.  This type of transparent conversation proved crucial to members being able to develop a pathway to success.  Core to our belief is that fitness is more mental than physical.  That’s why mental preparation will always be paramount in our training.  We want to make sure this is the LAST time you start over!


With the opening our very first training studio, our members and partners now have a place to call home.  That’s why we call ourselves a “fitness collaborative“.  We understand that the task of creating a healthier community is too big to tackle alone.   If you are looking for a place to start your fitness journey, we are here for you.  And we are perfectly fine with the idea that you may not finish with us.  In fact, there is a strong chance that we will eventually refer you one of our trusted fitness partners.  It’s not about us;  it’s about YOU.  Our goal is to see you win!  Even if that means you training somewhere else.  Just know that you will always be family!






Our team

Jasmine is an ISSA Certified personal trainer and high school volleyball coach. As a former athlete, she knows what it takes to get you in tip-top condition via sound exercise and nutrition plans. She also loves working with young athletes to help them achieve greatness in their sport of choice.
Principal Yoga instructor at Soulful Yoga w/ Jamila. Jamila's class vibe is very laid back and caters to the novice yoga participant. Her music selection is non traditional as it is often interspersed with jazz, R&B and gospel tunes. But don't get it "twisted", you will get a good workout after all is said and done.
Founder of BlossomPhit LLC, Cherylmeka is ISSA Certified Personal Trainer. Majoring in Physical Therapy, at Mississippi State University, she is determined to help motivate and improve people's physical & mental health. She believes in empowering people to exceed in their fitness goals.
Nutrition Expert
Founder of Fit and Finally Free, a lifestyle and weight loss management company and blog dedicated in helping people learn how to live a healthy, holistic, and well-balanced life through food, faith, fitness, and fun. Almetria is also an author and motivational speaker.
Creative mastermind behind Custom Photo, Music and Video. In addition to capturing beautiful images on film and video, Randall is also a masterful musician and Grammy winning producer. He is instrumental in our efforts to elegantly capture the fitness journey of our MFC members.
Life Coach
Founder of Allow Space Now, a life coaching firm. Her mission is to inspire and empower members to live and create a life of over-flowing health, wealth and love. She is here to guide and encourage you at the beginning of your journey, as you expand your awesome self to new amazing levels.
Owner of Jackson Health Group, a company that provides LLC provides quality Basic Life Support (BLS) for healthcare providers and Heartsavers certification for lay people. Our services promote safety, wellness, and emergency preparedness to Memphis and surrounding areas.
Massage Therapist
Owner of Essential Healing. Her mission is to treat every individual according to their specific needs. She believes in a holistic approach to massage therapy that will assist clients with improving their overall quality of life, providing both short and long term relief from stress and chronic discomfort.