Virtual Workout Sessions

The pandemic has caused many of us to alter our workout plans.  However, Master Fit Club offers a range of virtual workout sessions including traditional yoga, flex and mobility, low impact and high intensity interval training (HIIT) among other classes.

Class Schedule

Monday/6p – 20 Minute Workout w/ Ken
Tuesday/6a – Rise & Grind w/ Meka
Wednesday/6p – 20 Minute Workout w/ Ken
Thursday/6a -Rise and Grind w/ Meka
Friday/6p – Flex Friday w/ Jasmine
Sunday/4p – Soulful Yoga w/ Jamila

Now there’s absolutely no reason for your fitness to suffer when you cannot make it to the gym.  We have a myriad of affordable options for you to choose from.

Register for a class by clicking here.