Our services are membership based – thus the “club" in our name.  We believe that our members are more likely to achieve their goals as part of a team instead of going at it alone. We also believe that everyone should have access to sound fitness advice regardless of their income or proximity to experts and facilities.

Online Training
All the expert advice as traditional training for those on a tight budget or schedule.
Studio Training
Our studio was designed for a true personal approach where style meets function.
Premium Support
We pride ourselves in keeping our members' best interests at the forefront of what we do.




MFC Quick Start


One Time

14 Day Training Plan
Sample Nutrition Plan
Group Activities
Social Sessions
20% Services Discount


MFC Online


Per month

Online Coaching
Custom Training Program
Custom Nutrition Plan
Progress Tracking
Group Activities
Social Sessions
30% Services Discount
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MFC Studio Elite


per month

Online/Studio Coaching
Custom Training Plan
Custom Nutrition Plan
Progress Tracking
Group Activities
Social Sessions
50% Services Discount
Exclusive MFC Gift Pack
8 Studio Training Sessions

Add-On Services

Personal Training
Our team of trainers are ready to help you master your fitness. Personal training at $29 for non-members.
Group Classes
Let's face it - sometimes it's way more fun getting fit with friends. Group classes starts at $9 for non-members.
Social Sessions
Providing mental and social support is core to our mission. Social sessions start at $9 for non-members.
Special Services
We take care of the WHOLE person. From nutritionists to massage therapists, Master Fit Club is the place to be!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a membership to get personal training or attend classes?

No.  However, there is power in numbers. MFC members have a greater likelihood of completing their fitness journey by committing to a membership.

In addition, members are eligible for discounts up to 50% on club products and services.  They also get first dibs on classes and special events.  So you might want to go ahead and grab that membership, Fam! 🙂

Do have any training options for those who can't afford to pay?

Yes.  Our club is all about collaboration and inclusiveness.   This also means welcoming those who are unable to afford to pay our standard rates.

Many of our fitness activities (e.g. park walks and runs) are open to the public at no charge.   We also set aside a spots in our social sessions for people who simply need to get the scoop on where to start or are in need of a little motivation.

Finally, we have “Pay What You Can" days where you can get personal training or attend classes just like any other member.   Obviously, these spots tend to go fast!  So make sure you are on the mailing list to be notified when they happen.

What is the MFC Quick Start package all about?

Often times, people jump right into physical training without really being properly equipped to stick with for the long haul.

This 14 day training package is geared to get members mentally prepared to make true lifestyle changes before committing to long term personal training programs.

Members will can attend all group activities (walks, meetings, etc) and social sessions where we get real about what it takes to set and reach their fitness goals.   Personal training can be added at a discount.

Can I get a refund if getting fit isn't for me?

Yes.  We’re not in this just the for the money.  Our club is for winners.  And if you’re not winning with us, we totally understand why you’d want a refund.

Having said that, we are not quitters, either. We won’t quit on ourselves or on you!  That’s why we will make every effort to ensure you are motivated enough to adhere to the plan.  Your success is our success!  You failure is our failure.

We want you to win!!

What are the "social sessions" all about?

Social sessions are the secret sauce of Master Fit Club.  Far too often people want to jump straight to the physical aspect of fitness without working on the more important mental aspect.  These small co-hort based sessions help members get started on the right path and avoid those enthusiasm robbing pitfalls.

MFC social sessions are opportunities for members to learn and share strategies beyond simply “running more and eating less".  They are also chances to share the highs and lows of fitness.  Finally, it’s a place to get a constant dose of support and encouragement.  Remember, fitness loves company!

What is the MFC Journeys membership?

The MFC Journeys program documents a member’s fitness routine “reality show" style.  The prospective member must commit to strict adherence to a 6 month training plan (at a minimum).

During this period, member must agree to having their fitness journey documented by photo and/or video.  They will be asked to talk about the ups and downs of their experience as become a model of success and inspiration to others.

A professional photoshoot, docuseries debut and private showing are the culminating events for the journey.

Clearly, this requires a lot of time and investment by the member and club.  That’s why only a select few a chosen to participate.  If you have a deep desire to share your success with the world, please inquire with your trainer.

What does it mean to be a "fitness collaborative"?

We know that there is no “one size fits all" approach to fitness.  We want all of our members to win – even if that means us have to refer them elsewhere.

That’s why openly seek engagement opportunities with other fitness professionals who have the genuine well being of our members at heart.

So while we might not be the last place you try, we think we are the perfect place to start your fitness journey.

Why is your motto "Fitness loves company"?

When the club founder embarked on his fitness journey, he would frequently hear from other like-minded people who were on their own journeys.  Over time, his circle fitness friends had grown exponentially and his motivation level and passion for health and wellness was at an all-time high!

That’s when he realized that you don’t have to go down this fitness road alone.  In fact, it’s far more rewarding when you are being inspired by others or you become the inspiration for others to get the game.  That’s why we say “FITNESS LOVES COMPANY!"

Should I really consider online training?

Absolutely!  While in-person training is better, online training is less expensive and way better than having no trainer at all.

Our system allows us to customize workout and nutrition plans that best fit members’ equipment and diet requirements.  We are also able to track your progress and check in as often as necessary to ensure you stay on track.

What if I need more in-studio personal training than what's in my package?

Personal training sessions can be purchased individually or as add-ons to a membership package.  However, members get significant discounts up to 50% on sessions.

Sign up today!!

What other activities do you offer?

Let’s face it, getting fit can be mundane at time.  That’s why we are always looking into ways to break up the monotony for our members.

MFC members can expect to get invited to private classes and events of our fitness partners.  We will also have regular group walks, runs, hikes, rides and even rafting!  And when we hit consistently our goals, a destination trip to celebrate our success is not out of the question.

What if I already have a trainer?

We mean it when we say we’re a fitness collaborative.  Your ultimate success is our primary goal no matter who you work with.

So if you have a trainer and want to use our facility, that’s perfectly fine with us.  Or if you are a trainer in need of space, we have options for you as well.